A New Look

Coming to a bookstore near you, November 2009!

Coming to a bookstore near you, November 2009!

I told you change was coming! My new website, courtesy of Stonecreek Media, is looking pretty sharp, wouldn't you say?Look around, check things out, watch the book trailer I spent months trying to put together (I confess, I begged the hubby to lend a hand) and don't miss the page all about Emmett's Mill. Of course, there is more to come. I'm currently working on audio files (like podcasts) to post on the site as well as video content so please bookmark the site for future fun! I'm also looking into creating a newsletter (like quarterly or something like that) just to keep my fans updated on what's new and what books are coming up.

Until then...
Oh, and guess what...new cover!  This is the cover for my November book, another Emmett's Mill story (Sammy Halvorsen!) so for my fans, this is an eagerly anticipated story. I think the cover is yummy.
Kimberly Van Meter

3 Responses to “A New Look”

  1. Kenna says:

    Cool cover miss kimmy!! Haven’t been able to check the site out much … too many cool things to look at via phone ;-)

  2. Thanks Kenna! I really like it. I’m excited about the fun interviews and such I have planned. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Mommy says:

    I think the change is quite sophisticated! I’ve put the word out regarding fairtime. Some folks are bringing their collection of books for signing! Keep a good pen handy!