Contest Time

One of the beautiful beaches in St. John. Gorgeous!

One of the beautiful beaches in St. John. Gorgeous!

I love new releases, particularly with the kick-off of a new series and I'm very excited about this new series, A Family in Paradise. As you know I traveled with my family to St. John so I could capture the true flavor of life on the island and the experience was invaluable. Inside the pages you will find authenticity and realism, just as you would expect from a Kimberly Van Meter story.
And to celebrate, I want to give away free gifts!
The first contest is a very cool island mobile that I purchased in a tiny shop filled with artisan treasures. I hope you like it!
Here are the details:
I want to hear about your most sizzling or otherwise most memorable encounter; a memory that has stuck with you no matter the passage of time. Maybe it was a charged exchange from across a crowded room with the love of your life, or maybe it was the sweetest first kiss given by your secret crush. Email me your answers and I will randomly select a winner on Friday, May 11.
This is the first of many contests so make sure to check my Facebook page for updates!

I look forward to your submissions!*

Kimberly Van Meter

*Submissions may be used posted on Kimberly's website for promotional purposes.

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2 Responses to “Contest Time”

  1. JOYE says:

    I think one of the moments that I recall a lot was the first time during the 7th grade when a boy I really hoped would notice me asked to carry my books for me when we were walking home from school. I felt like he had just given me all the money in the world!
    I often wondered what ever happened to him. He has not attended any of my class reunions. Maybe one day.

  2. admin says:

    awww what a sweet story. Thanks for sharing!